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The tools of Meaningful Content Marketing

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Meaningful Content Marketing as Design

What is meaningful content marketing and how is it like design? In design, as in content marketing, there’s always a problem that needs solving. And like design, meaningful content marketing, is also about relating to people. In order to make life meaningful, we all want to be understood and we all want something to matter. We all have problems that need solving. This holds true whether you are marketing business to business or business to customer. Meaningful content marketing helps you inform your target audience of your services and products and also lets your audience know why they should care and how it is meaningful to them.

In addition to problem solving, meaningful content marketing is about defining your audience’s aspirations as well as their obstacles to success because then you will be able to describe the result your audience is looking to achieve. And once your client’s aspirations and obstacles (or “problems”) are defined, you can relate your client’s aspirations and obstcales to your products and services as a solution.

Creating Meaningful Content

Your main objective should be to create meaningful messaging that resonates with your potential clients. This is done by answering the question “why should I care about your services or products?” It becomes especially meaningful when you can relate to them about their particular problem that is preventing them from obtaining their aspirations.

Content Marketing Tools

You reach them either on or offline and there are many tools that can help you educate your audience about your products and services. We recommend using the right tool for the right job. Depending on what the job is, all of the tools will help you communicate with your target audience. Selecting the right tool for the right project is important.


slide presentations
Print collateral: business cards, postcards, brochures, sales sheets, annual reports, signs, etc.
graphic design
print products: mugs, pencils, t-shirts, etc.
special events

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